• Market Access Intelligence

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    • as reimbursement data become more complex and evolve rapidly, pharmaceutical professionals are spending more time on data collection instead on deriving insights
      • visually tracking changes in paragraph texts of innovative medicines is very challenging
      • sifting through years of reimbursement history feels like searching for a needle in a haystack
      • reconstructing the reimbursement history for new acquisitions and their landscape requires enormous efforts
    • changes are easily missed in absence of automated, systematic solutions


    CTG/CRM agendas

    • manually processing the bimonthly pdf files of CTG agendas is frustrating and time consuming
      • the work is often duplicated over multiple business units
      • the data lack structure to be easily browsed
      • CTG agendas still have to be manually filtered to sort out events relevant to business units
      • reconstructing CTG file tracks by manually sifting through series of unstructured pdfs is laborious
    • interpretation of CTG/CRM tracks in a larger context of approval and final reimbursement events is time-consuming when data needs to be collected from multiple sources (EMA, RIZIV/INAMI, FAGG)
  • How pharma benefits from our solutions

    • follow medicinal landscapes of assets and competitors relevant to their business units
    • instantly receive up-to-date datasheets (e.g. Excel) with chronological changes in
      • reimbursement events in all legislative chapters and paragraphs
      • prices (ex-factory, public, hospital, ...)
      • copayments
      • paragraph texts (incl. visual track changes)
      • MEA status
      • CTG/CRM events
    • instantly retrieve over 10 years of historical data for reimbursement events and prices instead of manually sifting through stacks of reference files
    • visualize CTG tracks phasing and get a broader, integrated perspective on approvals and reimbursement events
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