• Post launch follow-up

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    Once launched, other aspects of market intelligence come into play to stay ahead of the competition.


    For instance, your response to supply problems can be of strategic importance. A proactive strategy yields additional opportunities.

    • monitoring supply problems for competitors of your full portfolio is challenging using the currently available websites, as you want to monitor a large array of packages and compounds
    • there is no notification system that can alert you on the most relevant supply problems of the competition crossing your portfolio

    Other data and prescribability sanity can be monitored as well. Contact us via info@digile.be

  • How pharma benefits

    from supply problems monitoring

    We unburden you from day-to-day Farmastatus supply problems monitoring for larger portfolios

    • monitor specific assets and competitors in a business unit
    • monitor all compounds crossing a company portfolio
    • receive e-mail notifications and/or reports when products are out of stock or stops are announced

    For many people, it helps to see a live demo of concrete solutions. Book a free 30 minute online meeting to see what solutions have worked for other customers. 

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     Questions? Contact us via info@digile.be.